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  • How much baggage am I allowed?

    If you have question about baggage allowance, lost luggage or excess baggage charges please contact your airline directly. 

  • What quantity of duty free goods am I allowed?

    You may bring the following goods into New Zealand free of duty:  

    • Goods obtained overseas and/or purchased duty free in New Zealand with a total combined value up to NZ$700 (excluding clothing, toiletries and jewellery intended for your own personal use and not for gift, sale, or exchange).  
    • If you are 17 years of age or over you may also bring in: 
    • 3 bottles or containers, each containing not more than 1125ml, of spirits, liqueur, or other spirituous beverages AND  
    • 4.5 litres of wine or beer (i.e. six 750ml bottles) AND 
    • 50 cigarettes OR 50g tobacco OR 50 cigars OR a mixture of all three not weighing more than 50g.  

    Note: You have to be 17 years or older to claim the alcohol and tobacco concessions. You have to be 18 years or older to buy these items in New Zealand. 

    You will need to pay full Customs charges on goods which are not eligible for concession or are over the above allowances.  

    If the duty and/or GST payable is less than NZ$50, no collection will be made UNLESS for tobacco products or alcoholic beverages, for which you will have to pay GST, regardless of the amount.  

    For more information, please visit the New Zealand Customs Service website. 

  • What do I do if I have items to declare?

    New Zealand is an island nation, which means there are very strict biosecurity procedures to stop the introduction of harmful pests and diseases from overseasYou must declare ALL risk goods or dispose of them in marked amnesty bins. If you're unsure about any item, declare it. Find out more here or visit the Biosecurity New Zealand website.

  • I lost something in the terminal. Where can I find it?

    Items found within the airport terminal are stored with our Airport Services team. They’re open Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 4.30pm. You can ring them on +64 3 353 7749 or send an email to

  • I lost something on a plane. Where can I find it?

    If youve misplaced something while on a flight, please contact your airline directly. You can find contact details for all airlines here. 

  • I have a question about New Zealand customs requirements. Who can I ask?

    If you need information about Customs formalities when you arrive or depart New Zealand, please visit the New Zealand Customs website.

  • Is smoking or vaping allowed at the airport?

    Christchurch Airport has a clear air policy. For everyone's comfort, smoking – including e-cigarettes, vaping and similar products – is not permitted in the terminal or plaza area, but only in designated spaces. We have two designated areas outside the terminal building where you can smoke or vape.

  • What are the airport opening hours?

    Airlines have altered their flight schedules because of the current Alert Levels across New Zealand. The terminal opens 90 minutes ahead of the first flight of the day and closes after the final scheduled flight.

  • Can I travel with my pet?

    If you’re travelling with a pet you’ll need to ensure it’s in a crate or cage before you enter the airport, and at all times in the terminal. Guide dogs are permitted.

    Find out more about travelling with pets on the Air New Zealand website, or for more information about transporting pets please contact your airline.

  • Is there a viewing deck at the airport?

    In response to international Civil Aviation requirements, like airports the world over, we no longer have an external viewing deck. However, there are tables with a view over the airfield in South Bar and Café on Level One next to Domestic Arrivals. 

  • What are New Zealand’s visa requirements?

    If you have a question about visa requirements, including transit visas, for visiting New Zealand please visit the Immigration New Zealand website.

  • What quantity of powders, liquids, aerosols and gels can I take in my carry-on luggage?

    If you’re travelling on an international flight you can only carry a restricted amount of liquids, aerosols and gel like substances. Find out more here or visit the Aviation Security Service website.

  • I want to advertise at the airport, how can I make that happen?

    If you’re interested in advertising in or around Christchurch Airport please contact JCDecaux.

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