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Making your connection

Here’s what you need to know if you’re connecting from one flight to another at Christchurch Airport.

Please make sure you allow enough time between flights when making your bookings. Your airline can advise you how much time you need between connections. 

Domestic to domestic

If you’re connecting with a flight from the same airline and you already have your onward boarding pass, your luggage will be automatically checked through to your final destination. 

If you’re travelling with two different airlines, you’ll need to collect your luggage from your previous flight and then check-in for your next domestic flight. 

Domestic to international

Please contact your airline to find out if your luggage will be checked through from your domestic flight to your international flight. Please note that there are restrictions on what you can take in your carry-on for international flights. Find out what you can carry with you here.
Domestic Arrivals and International Departures operate from within the same integrated terminal building. Please follow the signs from your Domestic Arrivals gate to the International Departures area of the terminal.

International to domestic

All passengers coming off an international flight must claim their luggage and pass through Customs before proceeding to check-in for their domestic flight.