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Canterbury is brimming with talented local artists and we’re honoured to feature their amazing artworks here at the airport. 

Street art

Check out the art trail map to explore the street art at the airport. 

Watch the street art at the airport come to life through an augmented reality app. Download the free 'Plain Sight' app then watch the Orange-Fronted Parakeet in the mural under the Express Park building and the surfer in the Canterbury mural at Gate 15 come to life.

Ōtautahi Christchurch mural

Mā te wā. See you later! Created by local artist Kyla K, our Ōtautahi Christchurch mural farewells international passengers from our city and region. From surfing at Sumner to sampling local goods at Riverside Market, Ōtautahi Christchurch is the gateway to the South Island and home to spectacular experiences.

Progressive Pride Flag

This artwork is an abstract interpretation of the Progressive Pride Flag. It was created by prominent street artist Jacob Yikes, his daughter Jet Ryan, and Guy Ellis aka Dcypher, and installed by the Oi YOU! crew led by Paul Walters of Identity Signs

The Progressive Pride Flag celebrates the diversity of the LGBTTQIA+ community and is a visible call for a more inclusive society.

Canterbury mural

We love being able to ski, mountain bike, surf, swim and so much more, all within two hours of Christchurch. This awesome mural celebrates this and sums up our city to a tee. Located upstairs at Gate 15, it's 35 metres long and took Dcypher and the Oi YOU! crew almost 500 hours to complete. Download the Plain Sight app to see this mural come to life with augmented reality!

Kia Ora pillars

Our Kia Ora Pillars welcome people to our place, with the colours of the South Island’s golden sands, blue glaciers and open green spaces. Designed by local artist Paul Walters in partnership with the Oi YOU! team, the pillars are located outside in the plaza.

Orange Fronted Parakeet/Kākāriki mural

Located underneath the Express Park building, this mural and nearby bench seats have been created by Kiwi artist Flox and Oi YOU! to showcase the South Island's unique flora and fauna. Our favourite part is the Orange-Fronted Parakeet/Kākāriki, which represents the conservation programme by Christchurch Helicopters Ltd and Department of Conservation to help save New Zealand’s most endangered birds. 

South Island murals

Take a seat in our plaza and check out the series of South Island inspired murals created by street artist Dcypher. Spot iconic South Island landscapes and animals including the Southern Alps, the Canterbury Plains, the Hector’s dolphin found in Banks Peninsula and the kiwi.

Kiwiana picnic table

Enjoy lunch at our Kiwiana picnic table in the plaza. Created by Dcypher, the artwork features things Kiwis love to eat – fish and chips, lolly cake, pavlova and chocolate fish to name a few!

People of the airport bollards

What do a firefighter, a farmer, a police officer, a pilot, a backpacker and a tradie all have in common? They’re all bollard characters at Christchurch Airport! The team at Oi YOU! and Kiwi designer Greg Straight Art & Design came up with the theme ‘People of our airport’. They’ve painted each bollard in the plaza outside Doors 2 and 7 as a unique character you might see while you're here.  


Clouds for Richard Pearse

Created by New Zealand artist Gregor Kregar, the Clouds are found in the Domestic Bag Claim on the Ground Floor. The artist designed the clouds to honour two things – South Island inventor Richard Pearse, who flew an aircraft near Temuka nine months before the American Wright Brothers’ first flight; and Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. 

Cumulus Gate Pavilion for Richard Pearse

Another artistic celebration of South Island inventor Richard Pearse, this reflective sculpture is made up of 1,000 pieces of hand-cut stainless steel, held in place by 8,000 bolts. Located in the airport plaza, this impressive piece of artistic engineering has been designed to mirror the sky by day and the footlights by night. It also reflect the colours we use to light up the outside of the terminal, often in support of charities, events or community activities. 

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