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Five long weekend escapes from Christchurch

Time to break up your routine with a weekend away? From action packed adventures to artisanal explorations, we’ve curated five fun ideas to get you going.

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Six unique free activities you can do at Christchurch Airport

Got time to kill before your flight? Christchurch Airport has a few hidden and not so hidden gems for you to check out. We've put together this list of unique free activities you can do at the airport to keep yourself entertained before you take to the skies.

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Ever wondered where your bag goes when you check-in?

Find out in this rollercoaster video journey through our custom designed conveyer belt system.

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The most ‘Insta worthy’ places to visit within an hour from Christchurch

Looking to capture that perfect Instagram worthy photo while you’re in Christchurch? We’ve rounded up some picture-perfect spots within an hour of Christchurch Airport that will sit pretty on your feed.

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Travelling with kids?

We’ve got a tonne of ways to keep them entertained at the airport this Christmas.

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