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2 Mar 2021

Ever wondered where your bag goes?

Find out in this rollercoaster video journey through our custom designed conveyer belt system.

Take a fun ride with your bag as it travels from check-in to aircraft. This exciting 90 second video gives you a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes.

Did you know our baggage handling system has two km of conveyer belts powered by more than 500 motors? It’s just ten years old and has already safely handled 20 million bags… that’s a lot of luggage!

Each bag takes about three minutes to travel through the system, including being x-rayed for unsafe items. Baggage handling, identification and routing is largely automatic, supported by our teams of skilled staff who keep the system humming along at a rapid 90 bags per minute.

We’re hugely proud of our 100% New Zealand designed and made system. Now when you check your bags, you can picture where they go!