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Next generation training

The Airport Fire Service is a highly trained team, always ready to respond to emergencies across our campus. They’re first on the scene of approximately 550 events a year at the airport, from medical events to fires and aircraft incidents.

Thorough training is essential. But it’s not always easy for the team to prepare for the range of situations they may face, like working inside aircraft or in high risk scenarios.

That’s why we’ve created a valuable new training tool that uses virtual reality to help them prepare. Through collaboration between the airport’s digital team, the Airport Fire Service, and Christchurch tech company Corvecto, we’ve developed the first stage of this innovative tool.

It’s a New Zealand first in virtual reality airport training, and we’re excited to see the impact it’s had on the Airport Fire Service’s ability to prepare for challenging situations and the safety of everyone on campus.

Check out the video below and read our media release to learn more.

Virtual reality

Helping train the Airport Fire Service

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