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The Travel Store

For all your luggage needs

The Travel Store offers travellers a true point of difference with carefully curated selection of luggage and travel accessories. Services include protective wrapping and long or short term luggage storage. If you have luggage needs, the Travel Store has you sorted! 

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Luggage storage

Storage facilities are available for luggage, sports equipment, packed bicycles and travel related items. Pre-booking isn't required. 

Category Item examples 0-8hrs 8-24hrs

More than 24hrs/Per day

Small items Keys, phones, toiletries etc $10 $15 $20
Cabin items Max 7kg. Laptops, umbrella $12 $17 $22
Standard luggage Suitcase, backpack, car seat, pram, boards, boxes/tools $14 $17 $22
Sports equipment Golf bags, skis, musical instruments, metal tool cases $17 $22 $30
Extra large Bikes (packed), heavy or XL boards, kayaks $22 $27 $30

Luggage wrapping

Machine wrapping is available for firm, packed items.

Strong plastic bags fitted with heat sealed straps are available for soft bags, oversized or fragile items, car seats and prams (if necessary, wheels on large prams must be detached by the owner and they will be strapped to the pram before packing). 

Wine boxes, bubble wrapping and bicycle packing are also available.

Foam and cardboard boxes $18
Suitcases, carry on, backpacks $20
Bags over 25kg $25
Car seats, prams, wheelchairs $30
Musical instruments, sports gear $30
Recycled bike box $40
Bubble wrap $10