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Meet our team

Our champion team is known for going above and beyond, working collaboratively and tirelessly for Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island. We pride ourselves on being incredibly welcoming, relentlessly positive, extremely knowledgeable and genuinely approachable. We’re proud to work at the airport and be an active part of the community. We know you’ll do great things as part of our champion team.

Our champion team

We’re governed by a Board of Directors and run by a Chief Executive who oversees the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and our champion team of people in a diverse range of roles.

Meet our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team.

  • Our Commercial team
    • Led by David Cooper, this team focuses on Marketing and Park to Plane Customer Experience. The following teams are key to Park to Plane Customer Experience:
      • Our Airport Services team works on a 24/7 roster to manage the day-to-day operations of the terminal, assisting passengers and terminal stakeholders
      • Our Ground Transport team ensures the safe and efficient movement and parking of land transport vehicles around the terminal and airport campus.
  • Our Property team
    • Led by John O’Dea, this team is focused on Property Development, Project Management and Property/Tenancy Management.
  • Our Finance team
    • Led by Tim May, this team includes Accounts Payable and Receivable, Accounting, Business Analysis, Purchasing and Procurement, Information Technology Services, and Digital Solutions and Data Technology.
  • Our Airport Operations and Corporate Affairs team
    • Led by Lucy Taylor, this team includes Legal, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Aviation Safety and Security, and Airfield Operations. The following teams are key to Airfield Operations:
      • The Airport Fire Service team works on a 24/7 roster and is trained in emergency response. They respond to medical emergencies on the campus, as well as aircraft and fire emergencies
      • Our Integrated Operations Centre team works on a 24/7 roster to monitor and oversee the operations of the airport, including the terminal, car parks and airfield
      • Our Wildlife team maintains the airfield, patrols for hazards and helps deter pest populations.
  • Our Planning and Sustainability team
    • Led by Nick Flack, this team is responsible for the long-term planning of the airport campus, asset planning and maintenance, protecting our environment, and developing sustainability initiatives.
  • Our Central Otago Airport project team
    • Rhys Boswell directs our Central Otago project, which explores the potential for a new airport in the region.
  • Our People and Culture team
    • Led by Kylie Frisby, this team is responsible for recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, our culture and engagement, and celebrating the success of our people.
  • Our Aeronautical team

    Led by Gordan Bevan, this team focuses on Aeronautical Development (new airlines and flight routes), and Trade Development (travel and tourism).

People of the airport

Meet the many faces on our airport team

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