Open Skies

We are excited to announce that open skies have been granted to Christchurch by the New Zealand Government.

The New Zealand Government and Ministry of Transport announced a new policy for Air Services negotiations in 2012. As part of a wider policy review, the Government of New Zealand conferred on Christchurch (CHC), New Zealand's second largest city, a new status that provides for an effectively open skies regime to exist for CHC until 2017.

The policy removes regulatory barriers (capacity and frequency) for market entry for any carrier from any country to serve CHC. The policy is wide reaching and broad in its very nature. It provides access to CHC in some of the following situations, as examples:

- New frequencies to New Zealand will be approved, if necessary, in advance of the removal of any cap that may exist under an existing Air Service Agreement (ASA) with another country;

- New services to New Zealand by a carrier that has its principle place of business in a country that does not yet have an ASA with New Zealand will be permitted, if necessary, by interim arrangements; and

- Allows a foreign-owned carrier to establish a subsidiary in CHC and be granted the same rights as any existing New Zealand based carrier (where that is consistent with any relevant air services agreements).

The new ASA policy provides a one-off opportunity for Christchurch and New Zealand to secure more air capacity into the South Island gateway. The policy provides the opportunity for greater destinational choice, an opportunity for carriers to increase their presence in New Zealand and access New Zealand's stunning South Island more efficiently.

To read more about the policy, please follow this link:

For further information please contact:

Matthew Findlay

General Manager - Aeronautical Business Development

+64 3 353 7808