Community Fund


Christchurch Airport regularly receives many requests for donations to charitable causes and/or sponsorship of community group activities or projects. Requests for such donations and sponsorships are made throughout the year. Twice a year we invite applications to our Community Fund, evaluate the many applications we receive and make donations towards as many as we can. 

We are required to consider carefully whether the group or project will have direct benefit for community members, so are unable to fund running costs or wages. As you prepare your application, please make very clear to us the benefit to the community from the project you propose.

When the recipients are decided, their representatives are invited to a function at Christchurch Airport to meet the other recipients and airport staff, to speak to the group about the project the donation will support and to have photos taken for their own and our use.

The Community Fund is made up of donations in various currencies collected in collection boxes around the airport, then topped up by Christchurch Airport's own contribution.  There is no set amount for the donations and each is made based on factors including fund availability, requests by applicants and assessment of the benefit to the community.

Second 2018 round of grants

We recently had the great pleasure of supporting people and groups doing wonderful things across our communities. The most recent round of donations went to:

  • Christchurch South Community Patrol to help fund health and safety training for volunteers who patrol parks at night
  • Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust to develop an app to assist families managing epilepsy
  • Adventure Specialties Trust to buy tents for youth programmes
  • Addington Samoan Pathfinder Club to buy equipment for a conference for Samoan youth
  • Cholmondeley Children's Centre to buy medical supplies for children at the camps
  • PS Our Beaches to help fund an environmental education weekend for youth to clean up beaches
  • Coastguard North Canterbury to go towards a new vessel to save lives on North Canterbury waters
  • Good Night Sleep Tight to buy bedding packs for children who don't have any
  • Sweet Louise to help support people with incurable breast cancer
  • SPAN Charitable Trust for two shade sails over daycare programmes for intellectually challenged adults
  • La Vida Youth Trust to buy high-vis vests for children attending After School care programmes
  • Mental Health Education and Resource Centre to enable workshops for families of children with anxiety issues
  • Christchurch Kidney Society Inc to buy items for care packs for patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Collaborate to develop an app to match Cantabrians as volunteers to groups who need them
  • Dance & Arts Therapy NZ to help fund dance therapy for young people with disabilities
  • Mothers Supporting Mothers to help fund a breakfast celebrating 25 years of North Canterbury mothers supporting rural mothers
  • Papanui Youth Development Trust to buy a PA system to be shared by community group events

Our thanks to all these people for the way they support their - and our - community. Next time you're in our terminal, you might consider supporting them too, by dropping your small change into the green collection boxes, so it can go on to do big things.

The most recent round of applications closed 6 March 2019 and the presentation of donations will be made early April 2019.

Applications for the next round of grants close at noon on Friday 6 September 2019. You may apply at any time before then and will receive acknowledgement of your application. 


Please complete the Application Form and email to

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