Convention Centre critical to city's ability to connect to nation and world

Brilliant news for New Zealand, the South Island and our city.

That's the response from the Chief Executive of Christchurch Airport to the announcement of the construction contract to build a new convention centre in Christchurch.

Mr Johns says the convention centre is a key platform for the city, its business, scientific, academic, Antarctic and not-for-profit communities to connect with the nation and the world.

"The convention centre will allow us to again participate in and host a wide range of special interest groups from around the country and the world in our city.

"For example, we're one of only five Antarctic gateway cities on the planet. The Antarctic activity brings around $100 million in economic benefit to Christchurch each year, so being able to host the world's Antarctic scientists here again is simply fantastic for our city. The airport will naturally be a key supporter alongside ChristchurchNZ in ensuring we make the most of this facility and the opportunities it offers.

"The next three years are our "goldilocks" years, with the physical construction of many of the key pieces we have been missing. As a city we need to embrace the possibility this gives us and build the future story of our city."

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