Fiji Airways adds a third year-round flight from Christchurch

Services to increase to three flights per week from the South Island gateway.

It will be even easier to fly between Christchurch and Fiji from early January, when Fiji Airways adds a third permanent service.

The Fiji national carrier already operates two-weekly services between Christchurch and Nadi, and has confirmed a third service starting 3rd January, reinforcing Fiji Airways'
position as the only airline to fly to Fiji all year-round.

Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO says New Zealand is a key growth market for Fiji Airways.

"Adding the third flight will increase capacity between Christchurch and Nadi by a further 336 available seats per week.

"The additional flight reflects the strength of the local market and will give South Islanders even more travel options to Fiji and beyond on Fiji Airways," Mr. Viljoen said.

Christchurch Airport Chief Commercial and Aeronautical Officer, Justin Watson, says the number of passengers flying from Christchurch to Fiji grew by 47% last financial year.

"Fiji's on-going popularity with South Islanders wanting to relax in the sun encouraged the airline to add the third service," says Watson.

"Another attraction for local travellers flying on Fiji Airways is the connection via Nadi to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong from Christchurch. The combination of action-packed time in America and relaxation in Fiji is certainly proving popular with many South Islanders.

"The flight times are good too. Flights to Fiji will depart Christchurch at 3.35pm and arrive into Nadi International Airport at 6.35pm. Departures from Fiji are at 9.30am and arrive
into Christchurch at 2.35pm."

The additional flights are on sale now, with options in both Business and Economy class on the B737-800 aircraft.

Schedule for the first service on 5th Jan:

Please note, both Fiji and NZ on DST 5th and 12th Jan.

Flight#|Origin|Destination| Dept      | Arrival  |  Days of Oper.|   Aircraft |

FJ451 | NAN  |   CHC       | 9:30AM  | 1:35PM |  Tue, Thu, Sat | Boeing 737-800

FJ450| CHC   |   NAN       | 2:35PM  |  6:35PM|  Tue, Thu, Sat | Boeing 737-800

Schedule from 17th Jan onwards:

Please note, NZ on DST, Fiji off DST

Flight#|Origin|Destination| Dept     | Arrival    |  Days of Oper.|   Aircraft |

FJ451 | NAN |     CHC       | 9:30AM| 2:35PM | Tue, Thu, Sat   | Boeing 737-800

FJ450 | CHC |     NAN       | 3:35PM| 6:35PM  | Tue, Thur, Sat | Boeing 737-800

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