A Story for Christchurch - by and for people who live here

The things Christchurch people agree on, believe in and are proud of are the findings of a research project released in Christchurch today.

A combination of the data from "Share An Idea" and about 50 in-depth individual interviews with city residents and leaders was distilled in the project, which has led to a website being launched today. www.christchurchstory.co.nz contains the findings of the research and the findings brought to life in a short video produced by Peter Young.

The material came out of a wider airport strategy project being undertaken by Christchurch Airport. Chief Executive Malcolm Johns says the airport was interested to understand the
passion, hopes and aspirations people had for Christchurch.

"Many of the conversations I've been involved in over the past couple of years have convinced me Christchurch residents agree on a lot of things about their city," he says.

"We asked an independent company to undertake the research to ensure it wasn't our view. Our hypothesis was that people know why they want to be here, what is important to bring through from the past and what they want in their future.

"People told us this is a 'goldilocks' city, with the benefits of a larger city but without the stresses. A city with opportunity, where individuals, families and communities can grow, connect and find balance, through great education choices, national and international opportunities, a strong economy, affordable housing and access to the great outdoors to give balance between work and play.

"New arrivals told us they have been welcomed to Christchurch and found opportunities here, while long-time residents told us they like the combination of old and new."

The presentation of the research, including a video in 4-minute and 2-minute versions, is now available through the website www.christchurchstory.co.nz and Malcolm Johns hopes people will view it, discuss it, make use of it, but most importantly remember why they love Christchurch.

"There is no branding on the work, it belongs to everyone. Anyone who wants to use it for educational and business reasons, or to share with friends here and overseas, can do so -
and can put their own branding on it if they wish," he says.

"Last week we brought those who had contributed to the project together to see it for the first time. Until that point they had no idea who else was involved and were delighted so
many of their fellow citizens see the city a similar way that they do. It was satisfying to see the response."

"We think Peter has done a brilliant job of bringing the research to life. We will be using this material to champion our city in the work we do nationally and internationally."

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