Christchurch Airport - extra Jetstar flights



Christchurch Airport has welcomed news Jetstar is about to add flights between Christchurch and Auckland.


CEO Jim Boult says the five extra weekly peak-time flights will begin in September, in response to demand.


"The weekday demand between Christchurch and Auckland is very high at the moment, partially because of the rebuild of the city, so we are delighted to see Jetstar respond in this way," says Mr Boult.


"We have been talking to the airline for some time to identify opportunities to fill out its schedule, so this is a great example of an airline meeting the consumer demand," he says.  "It is excellent news for Christchurch."


Jetstar's announcement of the extra flights coincides with its realigning its schedule to have services where they are most required and so meet its own on-time service performance programme.


Mr Boult says the focus on performance and extra services will help reassure business travellers in particular that they can build their business timetables around flight schedules.


"The upcoming additional flights from Christchurch reinforce Jetstar's extra services late last year between the main centres," says Mr Boult. "They clearly have been a success, because already more are needed between Christchurch and Auckland. "

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