Detailed plans for Christchurch SH1 Western unveiled

As part of Christchurch's Western Corridor improvements, the NZTA is upgrading Russley Road (SH1) between Avonhead Road and Harewood Road. The work involves widening the existing two lane road to a four lane carriageway separated by a median barrier, as well as upgrading the Russley Road/Memorial Avenue intersection, with an overbridge incorporating a distinctive feature gateway structure.  The NZTA flyer attached offers you information about the reasons for the upgrades, along with some images to help describe the proposed changes.

The upgrade will make it necessary to close airport access to Russley Road from Avonhead Road and Wairakei Road, but the NZTA also plans to provide a new southern airport access at Dakota Park. NZTA has acknowledged the request for better access to the airport, from members of the public and major stakeholders including local businesses, Christchurch Airport based operators and emergency services.  This improved access is also required for the efficient movement of the goods, services and people needed for the Christchurch rebuild and to grow the Canterbury economy.

NZTA has consulted with CIAL about the plans and we are generally satisfied that on completion the proposed improvements will deliver improved access to and from the airport.  We believe NZTA's plans strike an appropriate balance between providing safe and efficient access to the airport and improving the safety and efficiency of the State Highway network.

If you'd like to know more about the project, we suggest you attend the Community Open Day arranged by NZTA for Tuesday 9 October at the Russley Golf Club.  If you still have questions about the project after that, we're happy to try to answer these queries for you, or put them to NZTA on your behalf.


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