Airport smokers about to go undercover

Christchurch Airport is stubbing out the practice of visitors having a quick smoke around the airport frontage.

Three new designated smoking areas open today near the almost-completed terminal, to filter out the problem of smokers seeking protection from the elements.

CIAL Chief Executive Jim Boult says the smoking areas respect people's rights to smoke and are a response to requests.

"The health effects of cigarette smoking are well known, but whether or not to smoke is a personal decision. We provide large buildings constantly used by the public, so we need to provide for smokers," he says.

"We have a new terminal building of which we, airport stakeholders and Christchurch residents are very proud. The visual and health and safety aspects of smokers huddled at the terminal entrances and building frontage detract from this and from everyone's experience here, so we have come up with this solution.

"We are the Gateway to the South, the best New Zealand has to offer   and we are constantly looking for ways to improve every person's experience on the airport campus."

The smoking areas are positioned outside the new terminal, the international arrivals hall and the Regional Terminal. They are complemented by planter boxes and new pathways.

"Airports all over the world usually leave smokers a space to smoke together, but it is often in a dark corner or outside area. That's not what we want to offer visitors and staff.

"We are offering smokers shelter from sun, rain and wind, as well as seating and lighting for night use and security."


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