Christchurch Airport makes Christmas merry for local charities

Christmas has come a little early for six locally-based charities.

Christchurch International Airport CEO Jim Boult has met representatives of the six charities - Avonhead Rotary, Rotary Club of Christchurch, Coastguard Southern Region, SPCA Canterbury, St John and Salvation Army - to hand each a cheque for $5000.

The money is a combination of a donation from the airport company and coins gathered in collection boxes around the terminal.

"Visitors to Christchurch Airport often toss their small change into the collection boxes, especially if they are leaving the country and don't need Kiwi currency any more," says Mr Boult.

"We end up with coins and notes from a wide variety of countries, as well as New Zealand currency. We convert and count it all, add $10,000 of our own, then consider applications from various charities to share the accumulated funds.

"This year we chose a combination of groups which played a part in the city's earthquake rescue and others which have a big job to do over the summer months. It has been a privilege to do this to assist them.

"This year people seem to have been a little more generous, probably because of the earthquakes. We also know many people have appreciated the airport keeping operating and so helping them get in or out of the city to support each other."

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