Carbon neutral status renewed for CIAL until 2013

Christchurch International Airport (CIAL) has had its carbon neutral status recertified by Landcare Research until 2013.  Certification requirements include a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Our fourth recertification shows we're maintaining our position as a leader in this field for airport companies," said CIAL Chief Executive Jim Boult. "We make consistent efforts to achieve best practice environmental management at the airport, including environmental and energy audits, and initiatives in range of areas such as storm water discharge, solid waste disposal, energy conservation, and water and air quality."

Jim Boult said he was particularly proud that over the last year the company had implemented a Building Management System energy conservation programme, which resulted in a 7% reduction in energy consumption from the operation of the terminal. In addition, CIAL nearly doubled the amount of waste that was recycled and not sent to landfill, and increased its use of recycled asphalt pavement in the annual Runway Maintenance Programme from the previous year.

Plans for the coming year were implementing a scheme for electric heat pumps using groundwater as an alternative to diesel boilers; using groundwater for the airconditioning needs of the new terminal and then returning the water to its source; and assessing options for development of "green precincts" within new property developments of CIAL land.

"We are serious about building our environmental sustainability and protecting the natural resources on our land," said Jim Boult. "Our vision is for Christchurch Airport to be the best airport in New Zealand, and taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions is an integral part of that vision."

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