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Hayley Rossiter


4 March 2020

Meet superwoman, Hayley Rossiter. She’s a member of our Fire Service team and is currently organising the UFBA Firefighter Combat Challenge to be held on our Antarctic Apron, Saturday 14 March. 

What do you do as an airport firefighter? We respond to over 500 events on campus each year – medical events, fuel spills, fires. We also support fire and rescue teams outside the airport.

Most intense moment on the job? Attending to cardiac arrests on the aircraft. Those get the adrenaline pumping. 

What are you excited about right now? Organising the UFBA Firefighter Combat Challenge. It’s a series of physical disciplines like climbing stairs and dragging dummies. They call it the toughest two minutes in sports. Guys aim for under two minutes and females aim for under three.

Your best time? 2:28.

Any special training? #lotsofstairs

Any myths you’d like to bust about being a firefighter? It’s not just about fires, we perform a huge variety of tasks. If you’re physically active, want to work in a team and are up for a laugh, it’s a pretty cool job.

Advice for women keen to give it a go? There’s a few of us. Don't be afraid to apply, it's not all about lifting big tin. If you’re comfortable with yourself and have a helping nature, firefighting could be a great option for you.

What female superheroes do you admire most? The real life athletes. Serena Williams, Valerie Adams – women who are down to earth and achieve amazing things too.

Best thing about working for the airport? We’re one big diverse organisation. Everybody’s got each other’s backs.