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12 Jun 2024

From Christchurch to anywhere in the world

Last summer was a boom for international tourism in Ōtautahi Christchurch...and this one is shaping up to be even bigger. Several international airlines have already committed to growing the capacity of their summer services into and out of Christchurch Airport.

There are a lot of people in our office who get very excited about of the list is possibly Gordon Bevan.

Gordon (aka GB) is our General Manager of Aeronautical Development. He’s worked in aeronautical operations all over the world and he loves it.

Ask him what he thinks about the number of airlines that fly to and from Christchurch and he’ll give you one word - “phenomenal!!”

“This is a city of around 400,000 people. It is rare for a city of that size to enjoy international connectivity. Take Canberra – same size and Australia’s capital city, but it has just one international flight – to Fiji.”

“You can fly to 80% of the world from Christchurch Airport with just one stop and you can fly anywhere you want to with two stops. I’m not sure Cantabs really understand how lucky we are.”

Why does GB think our city has such phenomenal air connectivity?

“Because global brands work in New Zealand and the South Island has huge appeal to international visitors so airlines see value in flying here. That’s why we’re the smallest city in the world to have a daily A380 flight with Emirates.”

GB is confident this summer is going to be a big one.

“China Southern, Cathay Pacific, and United Airlines will all be back flying seasonal services to the city and they’re growing their capacity. We can’t wait to see those planes touchdown on our runway again.” Both Qantas and Fiji Airways enable Cantabrians to get away all year round – so much so that they too are expanding their year-round operation into CHC.

He’s encouraging locals to take advantage of the extra services.

“The reach of these airlines’ global network means you’ll be able to snap up some amazing deals. Flying United to San Francisco is a great way to get onto London while Qantas has excellent connections into places like Vietnam and Bali.

“China Southern is China’s largest carrier and flies almost everywhere with excellent prices and Cathay Pacific’s network is equally impressive. Earning those air miles has never been easier or more rewarding when you start local and fly global. Our advice is to book early.”