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23 Mar 2023

New Zealand Couriers – a well-oiled 24-hour operation

Have you ever wondered how you can order something online at 9am and the next day it’s on your doorstep?

When we think of airports we tend to think of people transport; people travelling for business, for adventure or to meet loved ones. Perhaps less obvious but just as critical is the role airports play in transporting cargo like parcels and equipment. 

These days we expect efficiency and reliability when we order an item to be delivered. It’s common for an order to be placed one day for delivery to arrive in another city the following morning, and this is only possible using a well-oiled 24-hour operation. 

New Zealand Couriers operate out of the Christchurch Airport campus. Every night up to seven Parcelair flights crisscross the country with packages and freight, ensuring overnight deliveries occur as planned. The parcels are unloaded, organised by sorting belts, and given individual barcodes so that each parcel can be tracked to its destination. 

This service doesn’t just make it possible to get hold of a fabulous pair of new shoes. Some deliveries can mean the difference between someone being able to have vital surgery or being able to work at all.  The most critical items New Zealand Couriers delivers include surgical equipment, medication, science samples, and crucial pieces of agricultural and construction equipment. 

The team operates around the clock across 22 branches using 70 trucks, five cargo planes, and over 500 couriers across the country. Without its 24-hour operation, it wouldn’t be able to offer the same high level of service, and freight and parcel deliveries would be much less frequent. 

New Zealand Couriers is just one of the organisations operating out of Christchurch Airport that is helping our New Zealand businesses and industry to stay efficient and to keep flourishing.