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22 May 2023

GCH Aviation Group - Saving lives every day

GCH Aviation flies more than 1,200 commercial and rescue missions a year from the airport campus.

Starting as a tourist operation on New Brighton beach with one helicopter in 1983, GCH Aviation has grown over the last four decades to include services from emergency air rescue and inter-hospital air ambulance to helicopter training, tourism, a 24/7 private business jet FBO terminal as well as a charter business jet. They do it all.  

CEO and helicopter pilot Daniel Currie is one of three siblings who work at GCH Aviation. He says from humble beginnings, the business has grown to operate at Christchurch Airport in a purpose-built state-of-the-art facility. From a team of one (Daniel’s father John Currie) GCH Aviation now has over 120 staff who work across all their operations. 

“Our family, the team and I are extremely proud of what we’ve created over the years. We have a great team who support us at GCH Aviation and the airport campus to offer the inter-hospital and air rescue services that we provide for the region.” 

GCH represents forty years of exceptional experience in helicopter and fixed-wing aviation. The company provides tourism, certified flight training, commercial, air rescue, and air ambulance operations with the NZ Flying Doctor Service, and are the only helicopter operators in New Zealand to hold the Diamond Safety Award. Operating out of the airport campus was an exciting milestone for the business. 

“A big part of the reason we operate here from Christchurch Airport is the fact that Christchurch is available for use 24/7. That critical response arm of our business continues to grow, and it means we are here for those patients who are too unwell to travel or who need lifesaving medical equipment and skills.”  

Every day, the GCH team goes above and beyond, protecting people around the clock. The team embodies their mission statement: 'Enriching lives through our experience in aviation’. 

“All the great services provided by the airport, in terms of fuel, air traffic control, and ground services, give us that ability to call out whenever we're needed,” Mr Currie says.