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9 May 2023

A boost to promotion of Christchurch and South Island

A three year partnership between Christchurch Airport and Tourism New Zealand will grow high-quality visitation to Christchurch and the South Island.

The airport and United Airlines recently announced the first direct flights from Christchurch to San Francisco. The new promotional partnership will support this route, alongside securing and promoting future airline routes. 

Christchurch Airport Chief Executive Justin Watson says the airport is the South Island’s largest tourism business and international gateway for overseas visitors.

“Statistics show international visitors arriving in this country through Christchurch Airport visit more regions, stay longer and spend more than if they arrive through another entry point,” he says. 

“This creates a significant economic upside for Christchurch, especially for visitors wanting to experience our revitalised city and its new infrastructure. People, businesses and sporting organisations see our city as a great place for their next visit or gathering.

“Te Pae convention centre, and attractions like the Riverside Market, alongside a strong concert and event line-up, are making Christchurch a key destination for visitors. Te Pae has hosted more than 70 conference events since it opened, with future bookings promising many more visitors.”  

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive René de Monchy says high quality tourism is an important contributor to New Zealand’s economy.

“Visitors flying direct from San Francisco to Christchurch over the coming summer will play an important role in achieving this, alongside the ongoing scheduled international services connecting Christchurch to dozens of destinations across the world,” he says.

Mr de Monchy says new airline routes offer significant benefits to New Zealanders, including more travel options, export of produce, trade and import exchange.

Tourism New Zealand markets to high quality visitors who will contribute positively to New Zealand’s nature, culture, society and economy.

The South Island offers a fantastic and varied holiday experience, with vibrant urban areas and breath-taking natural attractions, reflected by 59% of all holiday visitors between July and December 2022 visiting the South Island.

Airport Chief Executive Justin Watson says Tourism New Zealand and Christchurch Airport’s renewed commitment will maximise the value of the overseas visitor market for Christchurch, the South Island and New Zealand.