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30 Aug 2022

Christchurch Airport Job Fair has put people into jobs on the campus

Our August 27 Job Fair saw people from across the city and wider area turn up to find a job on the airport campus – and many of them did.

We had a huge response when we opened registrations and had to close them off when all three sessions quickly reached maximum capacity.

Many people turned up early to be front of the queue. They were professionally prepared and said they were there to be interviewed and get a job, while others wanted to understand what sorts of jobs are available at the airport.

There was a wide range of ages and experience, from school students wanting to talk to employers who have jobs they’re interested in knowing more about, school-leavers wanting to sign up with their employer of choice and some checking what study they could do to have a better chance of a role, students about to complete a degree and working out where their skills and qualification could land them, people looking for a career change, some searching for a more senior or leadership role than they currently have, to people wanting to change from full-time to part-time or casual roles. Whatever their background, they were all keen to explore and understand the many opportunities on offer at the airport.

Afterwards, they said they had enjoyed meeting and talking face-to-face with potential employers, rather than sending an email application.

Campus employers have moved quickly to employ people they met at the Job Fair, and say they enjoyed meeting potential employees. Several conducted initial interviews on the spot and booked follow-up interviews and speedy sign-ups. Some are planning to increase their numbers from summer onwards and say the people they met has given them confidence that will be possible – with good people happy to start a little later.

Alongside jobseekers, media were interested in our event too.