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2 Jun 2021

Clean and green

Canterbury Linen Services has a new building at Dakota Park. Learn how they’ve achieved almost carbon neutral status thanks to some amazing environmental innovations.

Canterbury Linen Services (CLS) is the largest commercial laundry in the South Island. It’s 100% owned by the Canterbury District Health Board and provides high quality linen services for both healthcare and commercial clients.

With the original facilities damaged by the quakes and machinery starting to age, CLS required a new home. When the opportunity arose, General Manager Rodney Fisher chose to relocate to Christchurch Airport’s Dakota Park.

"Of several proposals we received, the airport’s was the best. Plus, it made sense to locate ourselves close to main transport routes and be near a number of our hotel clients."

- Rodney Fisher, CLS General Manager

With a strong company commitment to sustainability, finding ways to improve energy efficiency with state-of-the-art technology was central to the overall design.

The new laundry is powered by a wood chip boiler fed entirely by forestry waste products, which saves approximately 2,500 tonnes in CO2 emissions every year. A smart system of tunnel washers has created incredible savings in water usage. Other commercial laundries can use 15-20 litres per kilo of laundry, but CLS now uses just 4 litres per kilo. Other initiatives include a heat exchange system that extracts heat from wastewater, further reducing the need for energy input.

Rodney says these innovations demonstrate a true commitment to putting the environment first.

“I'm proud to say that with CLS, we don't just wave the green flag, we actually do something about it. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of finding environmentally friendly solutions that still keep us cost competitive for our customers.”

Natasha Evans, Christchurch Airport Project Manager, says the complex build has been well worth it.

“We strive to be a sustainable business, so it’s great to help enable that for our partners on campus. What Rodney’s done in taking CLS close to carbon neutral is an incredible achievement. When our clients are proud of what they’ve done, we’re proud too.”

For more information about CLS head to their website, and be sure to look out for their new building at 11 George Bellew Road.