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4 Mar 2021

A storage revolution

The first storage facility of its kind, the Boxman Automated Storage System (BASS) has just opened its roller doors for business at Christchurch Airport’s Dakota Park.

Following two years of construction and a decade of technical development, an entirely new kind of self-storage facility has just been completed at Christchurch Airport’s Dakota Park – the Boxman Automated Storage System.

The brainchild of Boxman founder Mat Charles, BASS is the first fully automated container storage solution in the world.

BASS is a 9000m2, 24.5m high warehouse in which an astounding 2,600 shipping containers can be stacked – five high, with no gaps in between. To access their container, customers simply request it via the Boxman app or customer service team. Within the warehouse an 80 tonne, custom-engineered crane picks out the required container and slots it into place in front of one of 40 roller doors on the east side of the building. The customer drives up to the roller door and opens it to access their container. Alternatively, the container can be placed on a truck for delivery anywhere, the ultimate in portable storage.

This ingenious system allows a huge number of containers to be efficiently stacked and accessed. As well as catering to personal storage customers, Mat is thrilled to present an entirely new solution for small-to-medium businesses. “BASS is ideal for businesses who need better stock management but don’t have the capital to pay for their own warehousing. It provides highly efficient, cost-effective storage for businesses who want to self-manage their stock.”

Locating BASS on the Christchurch Airport campus made perfect sense to Mat. “It’s the ideal spot for us, with easy access from the new motorway. The growth opportunities in Christchurch are substantial.”

Christchurch Airport Project Delivery Manager Francois Baudet is amazed at what Mat has achieved and proud to have helped make it happen. “At Christchurch Airport we really champion innovation. We’re thrilled to have worked in close collaboration with Mat and his design and construction partners to bring his vision to life.”

The BASS facility is now complete and open for business, with crane delivery from Europe anticipated later this year. To learn more or secure your spot visit