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Quarantine-free travel

Travelling safely through our airport

Quarantine-free travel is now operating between New Zealand and some countries. Visit the COVID-19 website for latest information about quarantine-free travel, including travel criteria and restrictions. 

Christchurch Airport has created dedicated pathways for the flights known as green (from ‘COVID safe’ countries) and red (all others). We created the pathways to keep you and New Zealand safe at our airport.

As part of our ongoing work with the Ministry of Health, the arrival areas undergo a comprehensive clean in accordance with Ministry standards.

All arriving quarantine-free flights are met by Government agency representatives. A team of health officials will undertake random temperature checks of passengers on all green flights, and will also check your answers to health questions you must complete on the Arrivals Card.

For departing passengers

For arriving passengers

  • Do I need to complete a travel declaration before I enter New Zealand?

    If you are a quarantine-free traveller you must complete the Nau Mai Rā travel declaration before you depart for New Zealand. You will not be able to board your flight if you have not completed it. 

  • Do I need to meet any criteria before I travel quarantine-free to New Zealand?

    For the latest quarantine-free travel status updates and criteria, including vaccination and pre-departure test requirements, please visit the COVID-19 website.

    You can also visit the website of the airport you’re departing from to find out what to expect.

  • Can I transit internationally through Christchurch Airport?

    No, under current NZ Government guidelines travellers cannot transit internationally through Christchurch Airport. Visit the COVID-19 website for more information about transiting through New Zealand.

  • Do I need to wear a face covering at Christchurch Airport?

    Arriving on a quarantine-free (green) flight

    All arriving international passengers on quarantine-free travel must wear a face covering on all flights, while disembarking, and within all areas of the airport terminal.

    Arriving on a quarantine (red) flight

    You must wear a face covering at all times until you are inside your hotel room.

    You will use a separate quarantine arrival pathway. It is designed to safely and efficiently process you and your fellow passengers before transfer to a dedicated quarantine hotel, in line with Ministry of Health guidelines. 

  • What can I expect on arrival at Christchurch Airport?

    Quarantine-free flights (Green)

    All travellers from quarantine-free flights, or ‘green flights’, will be taken through a dedicated zone at the airport.

    Duty Free will be open on the Green pathway for most flights.

    Signs will direct you to Customs and bag claim. You’ll also see health professionals stationed around the airport to make random health assessments of arriving travellers.

    Airport staff will give you printed information to help you stay safe from COVID-19 while you’re in New Zealand, what to do if you feel unwell, and if there are community cases of COVID-19 during your stay. You can also pick up a NZ COVID Tracer booklet to help you keep track of where you’ve been. 

    Download the NZ COVID Tracer app here

    Quarantine flights (Red)

    All travellers on ‘red flights’ and on their way to quarantine will be taken through a dedicated pathway at the airport.

    Each flight is handled in isolation, with Ministry of Health approved cleaning regimes after each flight.

    This dedicated process is designed especially and only for passengers on their way to managed isolation and quarantine.

    For more information on the managed isolation process, visit the COVID-19 website

  • Will eGates be operating?

    Due to Border Security manual checks currently in place to review passenger documentation, eGates will not operate for international arrival flights.

  • What if I have something to declare?

    New Zealand’s biosecurity checks at the border will include all your baggage being X-rayed. You’ll need to declare or dispose of any goods that could carry pests or diseases. If in doubt, please declare it!

  • Can I buy duty free when I arrive?

    Aelia Duty Free will be open to arriving passengers on most quarantine-free (green) flights.

    Duty free is not available to arriving quarantine (red) flights.

  • How do I stay safe while I’m in New Zealand?

    It is important to practise good hygiene (e.g. regular hand washing), and keep track of where you’ve been. For information about the NZ COVID Tracer app and scanning QR codes visit the COVID-19 website.