Christchurch Airport – bringing the world South

Alongside the official opening of its new terminal building, Christchurch Airport has updated the way the world sees it.

CEO Jim Boult says the time was right for freshening the airport's branding.

"Our new terminal is receiving universally positive feedback, so we used that to consider the way we describe ourselves," says Mr Boult.  "The refreshed branding says it all - we are focused on, and working hard at, bringing the world South.

"Our new corporate colour reflects not only the sensational scenery we sit amongst and are conduit to, but also that Christchurch Airport has just notched up six years of carboNZero accreditation. We take our impact on the environment very seriously."

Mr Boult says dropping the word international from the airport logo was deliberate.

"We are an international airport, but don't need to state the obvious," he says.  "Most people usually refer to us as Christchurch Airport, so we've taken that on board.

"While we have a new 'look', our aim remains the same - to be the best airport - and recent independent international surveys suggest we're heading in the right direction."

That is a reference to the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Survey conducted quarterly across 200 airports worldwide, to measure overall passenger satisfaction with the airport and by specific service areas. Each airport's performance is measured against others in its country and region.

Christchurch Airport's ASQ results have shown steady improvement as the new terminal building has been built. The most recent quarterly survey of business and leisure travellers gave Christchurch Airport thehighest overall satisfaction ratingacross participating New Zealand and Australian airports (5 - 15 million travellers ), a rating echoed by the 2012 annual overall rating.



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