Annual airfield maintenance at Christchurch Airport

We are planning to begin our annual airfield maintenance this weekend (February 10.)

From Sunday night, between 9pm and 5am and weather permitting, we will begin necessary maintenance work on the main runway.

The work can only take place when ideal weather conditions occur and so allow planes to use the cross wind (nor'west/southeast) runway.

As a general rule, if there is a wind blowing, aircraft must land and take off into wind. There may therefore be occasions when they will have to fly over this part of the city.

We are working with Airways Corporation, the company which manages air traffic control, to minimise the use of the nor'west runway (when westerly winds blow) and the south-east runway (when easterly winds blow.)

Because the maintenance work depends on the weather, we can't say at this point how long it will take.

We are aware this may have some impact on some residents and apologise for that.