Theres no place like home...

Christchurch Airport and Kea (Kiwi Expats' Association) are joining forces to remind passionate off-shore Kiwis what's hot at home.

Christchurch Airport GM Aeronautical Business Development Matthew Findlay says no matter how far from home Kiwis go, someone they meet will know of their beautiful homeland.

"In light of recent events in Christchurch, many expats and people they meet overseas have a heightened awareness of, and fondness for, the city and its fortunes," says Mr Findlay.

"Many expats have sent considerable support in one form or another and we know they're curious to see how the city takes shape over the next few years. Some will be watching the employment opportunities the rebuild offers, waiting for the chance to bring their skills and talents home to make a difference where it's needed.

"We are partnering with Kea for the next three years to grow our connection to strong Kiwi advocates all over the world,  to support our endeavours of connecting the South Island to the world via Christchurch Airport.

"We want them fly internationally into this airport, to support the huge efforts we are making to grow services into and out of the gateway to the best New Zealand has to offer - the South Island.

"I'm sure most South Island expats have a mental picture of their arrival at Christchurch Airport, whether it's for a visit, a family event, to show their homeland to overseas friends  or a permanent return."

Kea is actively working on connecting to more Kiwi expats, using social media to reach them. The association currently has 60,000 members, with another thousand signing up each week. It is also identifying Kiwis leading, or working at high levels in, huge multinationals, hoping to work with them to grow interest in New Zealand.

Kea's Commercial Director Tim Huston says the association has a large membership of influential members across all sectors.

"It's in our member's interests to help Christchurch Airport secure air services," says Mr Huston.

"Many expats work in influential and global businesses keen to import and export here, plus many have skills directly useful to the Christchurch redevelopment. They want to get to and from the South Island easily, but also convince their boss and business that doing business with New Zealand is easy.

"Kea has a presence in 25 countries around the world, so giving our members fresh information about the many developments here works positively for everyone. We work closely with various government and business organisations and can facilitate all sorts of connections for everyone's benefit."

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