Australasia’s largest video wall completes Airport’s Sensory Arrivals Experience

More photos and video below

More photos and video below

Christchurch Airport's new multi-media international arrivals experience opens tomorrow, showcasing the South Island as it has never been seen before. 

Passengers arriving on international flights will, as of this week, be treated to an explosion of sensory experiences as they travel through the terminal from their air bridge to collect their luggage.  Christchurch International Airport Ltd has undertaken a major design overhaul in the international airside environment in order to ensure travellers' first experience of the South Island is particularly memorable, and that it encapsulates the South Island's main point of difference, the astounding outdoors landscape. 

The long air bridge corridors have been completely revamped to provide individual South Island immersive experiences within these contained spaces.  The walls have been covered floor to ceiling in special commissioned photography, says Chief Executive Jim Boult.  "We wanted to virtually drop passengers into the centre of some of the South Island's most beautiful landscapes", he says. 

A sensory experience of each landscape completes the passenger journey, with a soundtrack playing sounds from the environment, as well as smells evocative of each region. 

In the immigration queuing area, the largest video wall in Australasia entertains passengers with beautifully shot footage of the South Island's natural environment.   54 seamlessly linked screens play looping clips to create a hypnotic and calming effect.

Illustrative wall graphics based on the magnificent braided rivers of Canterbury guide passengers through the airport, creating a sense of flow between the various areas of the airport.

At the base of the arrivals ramp, a flow of pure artesian water offers a place for passengers to regroup and refresh before entering Duty Free and customs. For many overseas visitors, this will be a truly unique element, delivering on the Tourism New Zealand brand promise, 100% Pure. 

Photographic imagery once again takes centre stage at the baggage claim area, with seasonal images of agricultural landscapes supporting our vital border protection agencies.

"By utilising design in a fully immersive manner, Christchurch Airport's new international arrivals experience touches all the senses, and is set to welcome visitors to an awe-inspiring, world-class airport environment that truly reflects the landscape outside," says Mr Boult.

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