Filming At The Airport

On occasion, CIAL provides permission to parties interested in filming on the airport.  The nature of the filming request dictates the response of the airport company; however the following information serves as a guide.

Christchurch International Airport Filming Policy

Permission must be granted by the airport company before any filming occurs on airport land.  If permission is granted, CIAL will assist in negotiations with the airport Government Agencies, airlines and any other affected parties.A minimum notice period of one week is required for standard filming requests.  Exempt from this are requests for media filming, where permission for landside ('before security') filming will be granted immediately provided the request meets CIAL guidelines, and requests for filming of more than 3 hours, for which a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required.  Requests requiring CIAL staff resources also require 2 weeks notice.

Indicative Location Charges

The type of filming and the scale of the production will determine the location charges to be applied, and the following table is indicative only.  There is a minimum unit of a half day (4 hours).  Airport Government Agencies such as Aviation Security and New Zealand Customs may also impose charges depending on their requirements.


Cost per half day (4 hours)* 


Landside (before security) Airside (after security)
Media Nil Nil
Student Projects Nil NZ$300
Promotional filming/photography NZ$300 NZ$500
Film or Television Series NZ$500 NZ$1000
Commercials NZ$1000 NZ$1500

*Costs may be negotiable under certain circumstances, and exclude Goods and Services Tax of 15%.

The charges above cover location fees and use of the airport, and are subject to change at anytime.  If staffing or equipment resources are required to supervise a production or to provide airside access, additional personnel costs will apply and will be advised on application.