Health and Safety at CIAL

People are the most valuable area of our business and protecting them is always the first step in everything we do.

From large complex projects on the airfield to the construction of multi-storey buildings, mowing our lawns around the campus to the public using the terminal or our facilities, we want to build leadership, culture and capability to ensure we keep embedding safety into what we do. That way we will give our people the best chance to make the right choices to
protect ourselves and those around us.

In order to protect our people, we will continue to develop our leadership, culture and capability in our safety eco-system, by focusing ourselves on a continuous journey of seeking to eliminate three core risk areas:

  • Catastrophic Risk
  • Fatal Risk
  • Personal Injury Risk

Activating this will happen through building our culture around empowering people in our organisation to have the courage to live our Golden Rules of Safety:

  1. SAFETY before everything
  2. STOP and think before you do
  3. SPEAK UP so together we can fix it

Safety Champions

Protecting our People is important to all of us.

In partnership with our construction contractors, CIAL's Safety Champions campaign challenges individuals to think about their behaviour and how decisions they make impact on others they work with.

Key messages have been developed to reinforce the message that safety starts with each person on a site. 

Around the airport campus, you will see Safety Champions messaging on hoardings, on site buildings and high visibility vests.