With Great Foresight

Are you looking for a gift for your favourite 'plane spotter' or local history buff?

We may have the answer...

We have just released a new hard-cover book about Christchurch Airport. In fact, it's an update of the 2006 edition of the definitive history of the airport. This new edition has two more chapters and 50 more pages, many of them colour photos and continues the story up to December 2013.

The additional chapters detail the development of the new award-winning integrated terminal and coverage of some of the recent events Christchurch and its airport have faced. Author Tony Phillips says the book is the story of Christchurch Airport. "The facility grew from humble beginnings and the book traces its development from the 1930s, when Christchurch City Council decided the city required a dedicated municipal aerodrome," he says.

"The book highlights the efforts of a number of very capable people who showed great foresight, where through several decades successive decisions have been made with the long-term development of the region and the South Island in mind."

The book is available exclusively at 'New Zealand The Gift' on the ground floor of the terminal, at a cost of $60.