Singapore Airlines upgrades its commitment to Christchurch

The long-term relationship between Christchurch Airport and Singapore Airlines has been highlighted again with a multi-million dollar re-fit of aircraft flying direct between Christchurch and Singapore.

Upgraded seats and cabin interiors form part of a NZ$77.4 million investment programme offering South Island travellers additional space and comfort on the daily flights.

Christchurch Airport Chief Executive Malcolm Johns says the new product is outstanding and yet another reason South Island travellers choose to fly to Singapore direct out of Christchurch.

"Singapore Airlines has been a valued partner of Christchurch Airport for 28 years, providing travellers from Wellington south with award winning passenger services and air freight capacity from here," says Mr Johns. "The airline's commitment to the airport is underscored by increasing capacity on the route since the 2011 earthquake by what is now an astounding 21.5%.

"This recent summer has also seen Singapore Airlines provide 10 additional supplementry services over our summer - the highest volume of additional seats ever seen from the airline. Eighteen new services have already been announced for next summer, which we hope may yet see more services to meet the 2014/15 summer season."

Mr Johns says the daily flight offers southern travellers many international connections. "Singapore Airlines' long haul service contributes $144m to the economy and provides connectivity beyond Singapore, with services to and from Europe, Asia and Africa," he says. "When you add all these factors together, it's not difficult to see why Singapore Airlines carries hundreds of thousands of visitors and South Islanders on the existing service every year."

The value of the partnership is also highlighted by Singapore Airlines' visiting Regional Vice President South West Pacific, Subhas Menon, who says "We've been flying here for almost three decades and we'll be flying here forever!"