Passionately telling stories about Our Place in the World

Christchurch Airport was a major sponsor of TRENZ this year, held recently in Rotorua.

TRENZ (Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand) is a global travel buyers conference, where 300 of the country's leading tourism businesses showcase their products. Providers of visitor accommodation, transport, activities and attractions meet over three days with international travel and tourism buyers from New Zealand's major and emerging visitor markets.

Our sponsor's lounge, called "Our Place in the World", made a very definite South Island statement. It was enjoyed by many of our partners from across the South Island and around the world and was a popular meeting place. Hundreds of people held meetings there, read our material, spoke to our people and used it as a hub.

At a time when New Zealand tourism is clearly in a very positive mood, after a record summer of successes, the time was certainly right for us to make our presence felt. Tourism is cyclical and around every decade or so the stars align and you get a purple patch - we're in that purple patch now as a country. This is when New Zealand usually invests the most into new product, new infrastructure and growth orientated activity. So there is a lot to be confident about across the entire South Island as we look out over the next few years.