Our new wildlife weapon

She looks like a cute puppy, but Skye is our newest trainee in the Airfield Safety team.

Skye is four months old and a working dog with a job to do, eventually helping chase or scare wildlife (mainly birds) from the airfield area.

Her parents are a purebred Border Collie Mum and Border Collie/Siberian Husky cross Dad, which explains the fluffy coat!

Skye spends rostered days on at the airport with her handler, getting used to the airfield environment. She is still at a very juvenile stage and adjusting to her training, but seems to be a very quick learner and very strong minded - a good start to becoming an effective wildlife controller at the airport.

She is the junior member of the K9 team. You might recall Jet, New Zealand's first airport wildlife dog, who's more than a year old now and in a different stage of her training.

You're unlikely to see these dogs up close because their training and work is done out on the airfield, keeping it safe for you to fly into or out of this airport.