Looking for Canterbury Business Heroes

Looking for a chance to acknowledge exceptional service from someone in a Canterbury business?

As well as telling others about it, here's your chance to have that person honoured publicly.

Christchurch Airport is one of the sponsors of the Canterbury Business Hero Awards and is keen to hear from you about someone who went the extra mile for you.

Airport Chief Executive Malcolm Johns says the awards salute individuals who give exceptional customer service.

"Cantabrians in business who give outstanding customer service are stars who deserve public acknowledgement. With your input, we and the Master Builders Federation do this through the Canterbury Business Hero Awards, so I invite you to nominate people who go out of their way to serve you."

Every month someone nominated by a happy customer is selected by Mr Johns as a business hero and named and famed on The Breeze, in the Christchurch Mail and by the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa.

"As a business, we get a kick out of providing head-turning service. Equally we are keen to hear of others who provide it in other businesses. It might be a plumber, chemist, mechanic, shop assistant, waiter, in fact anyone who delivers service to help us."

Mr Johns says many award recipients are surprised and even embarrassed to receive the honour, but says that is a mark of someone who really sees outstanding service as a way of life.

"The recipients I have had the privilege of handing awards to are great people doing great work every day. I find it very rewarding to publicly respect the work they do so well and the positive impact their service has on their customers. They really are Business Heroes."

To nominate your Business Hero go to businesshero.co.nz