Introducing Malcolm Johns

Hello, my name is Malcolm Johns and I have been the Chief Executive of Christchurch Airport since January this year.

I am passionate about innovation, thought leadership, being a Kiwi, New Zealand's place in Asia and so on. I like to be driven by a passion for what I am doing and more importantly the people I am with. I am always more interested in the person than the position, because, for all of us, what we are at work will always be a sub-set of who we are as a person. For me, personal relationships are built on trust, reliability, honesty and a common purpose.

Stories energise me way more than facts and figures do. That's not to say facts and figures aren't important to me, because they are - I am a logical thinker by nature - it's just that stories articulate the journey you are on, facts and figures simply measure progress.

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Waihi near Tauranga, where my father instilled in me two things - a strong work ethic and understanding my relevance to others. After school I left Waihi to attend Waikato University's school of management and after graduation, I joined Hyatt International Hotels' corporate trainee program, before moving to Christchurch to work for Mount Cook Group as Product Manager Landline and General Aviation.

Mount Cook was sold to Tourism Holdings and I moved back North with the sale. After Tourism Holdings, I worked for various other companies, including dabbling in my own ventures in Canada.

I've spent the past nine years at InterCity Group. InterCity operates New Zealand's largest and most complex piece of commercial transport infrastructure, with 170 services a day, serving 700 locations nationally, providing 182,000 daily connections between two unique points across the country and with around 52 million rates on sale globally at any given point in time.

My time at InterCity saw an 80% growth in passenger numbers and average growth of 12.5% p.a. in shareholder value, over eight years that included: the Global Financial Crisis, the earthquakes, the Japan Tsunami and material rises in fuel costs.

I have also been Deputy Chairman of Tourism New Zealand for six years, until last December and Chairman of the St Thomas' School Board of Trustees for seven years until December.

I am very much looking forward to the journey the next few years will take CIAL on and working on the crucial role Christchurch and the South Island play in this country's economy.