Intern Director

Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) set up an intern director scheme in 2014 to give potential directors an opportunity to gain experience, by working alongside the boards of each of the CCHL group companies. 

Elizabeth Kirby was one of those selected for the internship scheme and has been attending our board meetings for the past 18 months. Elizabeth is currently a Microsoft NZ Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) business manager whose role is to assist Microsoft partners to grow their businesses.  She has previously been the South Island Regional Manager for Microsoft, where she has worked since 1995.  She has a BCom from the University of Otago and experience working in London for Solomon Brothers and Credit Suisse.

Bob Lineham, CEO of CCHL, says all the interns have found the experience valuable. "We hope their time with our companies will enable them to further their interest in other governance opportunities. CCHL is planning to appoint another group of interns to each subsidiary company in mid-2016."