From the Chair and Board

David Mackenzie, Chairman

David Mackenzie, Chairman

CEO Jim Boult will soon step down from his position, but looking back over his five year tenure, he has a lot to be proud of.

When Jim was appointed chief executive in 2009, the new terminal was in planning stage, commercial activity on the airport campus was relatively subdued and development of the airport's land holdings was not advancing significantly. In 2010 the airport welcomed, for the first time, more than six million passengers in a year. Unfortunately, events beyond human control were about to change that success.

The seismic events of 2010 and 2011 had a devastating effect on Christchurch and Canterbury. As a result, Jim and his executive team, like many others, have had to deal with a new world. They have done that very well.

In April we opened the new integrated terminal, completed on budget and, excluding seismic effects, on time. On-campus commercial activity has developed significantly since 2009, as has development of airport land, with a significant property leasing portfolio providing revenue diversification.

Jim's leadership has contributed significantly to the airport's current position. Jim has played a key role in overseeing the development of the airport's aeronautical growth strategies.

On behalf of the CIAL board of directors, I wish to formally record my thanks and appreciation to Jim for the work he has done over the past five years as chief executive. As Chair, I have enjoyed working with him. The airport is a markedly different and better place now, compared to what it was when he took over and Jim must take much of the credit for that result.

We wish Jim the very best in his future endeavours.