Find a business hero

Take note over the summer of where you get great Canterbury customer service.

Then nominate the people who make your day for a Business Hero award.

"When someone in a Canterbury business makes your day, say thanks by going to  and nominate them for one of the monthly Canterbury Business Hero Awards;" says airport CEO Jim Boult.

"We have helped create what the Prime Minister John Key says is New Zealand's best airport, and we are very proud of that. But the award winning edge for the airport, Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island is leading customer service: our human touch."

For a third year Christchurch Airport has joined with the Master Builders Federation, The Breeze, the Christchurch Mail and the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa to reward Cantabrians for providing outstanding customer service.

"I invite all those on the Christchurch Airport campus, and all Cantabrians to acknowledge the people in business who give us great customer service."

"They make our lives easier and our economy stronger."
Go to to nominate your awesome business person.