Doubling accommodation

Airline and travel trade requests for more accommodation at Christchurch Airport are behind a multi-million dollar investment near the terminal.

By December 2017, the airport will offer 264,000 rooms a year on the airport campus - a 200% increase.

The airport is supporting the city by offering new tourism infrastructure and accommodation to encourage growing numbers of visitors to stay longer.

Our accommodation will soon have something to suit all travellers and budgets.
Sudima Christchurch Airport now offers 242 hotel rooms as a result of its recent redevelopment.

This October, a $10m investment will see the world-first JUCY Snooze hostel open 280 rooms.
At the end of next year we will open Novotel Christchurch Airport, an $80m investment in a 4.5 star hotel offering 200 rooms at the end of the international arrivals area.

The investment in accommodation is a direct response to airline and passenger inquiries for short-term airport accommodation.

Many of our new Asian flights arrive in the evening, bringing visitors who have been flying for 12 hours or more. They want to rest before beginning their exploration of the South Island and expect to be able to do that near the airport.

Corporate and leisure travellers arrive here on trans-Tasman flights late at night, some around midnight, or leave early in the morning. In both cases, they expect to be able to stay overnight on the airport campus, within walking distance of the terminal. From the end of next year, many more will be able to do that.