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A new visitor to Christchurch Airport has a lot of admirers.

Since October 31, the world's largest passenger aircraft has been arriving and departing every day and attracting a lot of attention.

That's not surprising - it's difficult to miss! The A380 is a double-decker wide-body four-engine jet airliner, which is 24.1 metres high, 80 metres wide and 72.7 metres long.

And while we're on vital statistics - the A380 comprises four million individual components, produced by 1,500 companies in 30 different countries. It holds 320,000 litres of fuel and more than a third of the plane's weight on take-off is fuel. It takes more than 3,600 litres of paint to cover the exterior of the aircraft and if its wiring were laid end to end, it would stretch from Christchurch to Oamaru.

A380 wings are the biggest ever created, with a wingspan of 79.8 metres (twice the distance of the Wright brothers' first flight) and area of 845 square metres. The giant plane flies at 43,000 feet and has a maximum speed of 640 miles/hour.

If you haven't already seen it, the A380 arrives at 1.45pm each afternoon and departs five hours later at 6.45pm. To see the first day's excitement, you might like to check out this short video.