Allow a little more time on your way to the airport

You may have noticed the changes, fences, trucks and cones on the approaches to the Russley Road/Memorial Avenue intersection.

That's the clue to three years of activity to build the overbridge there, an important part of the Western Corridor from Belfast to Hornby and which, when completed, will take ten minutes off the travel time of that journey.

As you know, Russley Road (State Highway 1) is becoming four-laned, the interchange will give access to the airport and a second access to Dakota Park will be built south of Avonhead Road. Not only will this improve travel time, but, very importantly, safety along and across the state highway. When the overbridge is complete, Russley Road will pass over Memorial Avenue, separating state highway traffic (often larger trucks carrying heavy freight loads) from traffic moving between the airport and city.

That's the end result. In the meantime, we all face three years of construction and the potential for disruption, so if you're coming to the airport to catch a flight, we suggest you don't leave your travel to the last minute. Allow a little more time for the inevitable changes to the traffic flows around us.