Airport Transport Matters

By now, you have probably noticed the changes to our car park areas.

The June 9 launch followed a year-long review which included extensive market research to gather public feedback from more than 1,500 people - and even included researchers riding in visitors' cars to understand their decisions as they chose a parking space.

"Our customers told us clearly their parking priorities at the airport are choice, cost and convenience, assisted by much clearer signage," says Chief Commercial Officer Blair Forgie. "We listened to that and responded with a range of new car parking products."

The changes include new car parking choices, changed pricing structures, new signage and colour coding to better define the different areas.

Mr Forgie says it is important for people driving to the airport to consider how long they want to be there and which car park will best suit their needs.

Key points:

  • 15 minutes free parking in the Express park (the car parking building), with areas specifically marked for this; or 40 mins for $4
  • The Loop for people to stop only long enough to drop off someone or collect a traveller waiting on the footpath
  • More mobility parks, especially in Short Stay
  • New family parks in Short Stay
  • EconoPark, the new car park for people who want a longer stay on the campus, for $15 a day, with a free transfer bus making a half hourly campus circuit
  • New colour coding for the different parking offerings to assist visitors
  • New signage on the approaches to the airport and around the campus

From July 1, new signage at the airport will show what your taxi will be charged to collect you from or deliver you to the airport. All taxis will be charged the same amount from July 1, so displaying those charges at the airport and on our website will help you know exactly what to expect. We will also be able to encourage more taxis to be available here late at night when the final flights of the day arrive.

Check out the new choices here