Retail Precinct - Spitfire Square

Christchurch's newest retail hot spot!

Welcome to Spitfire Square, Christchurch Airport's vibrant new retail and service hub.

As the only full service shopping centre in the immediate vicinity, Spitifre Square is attracting a captive and engaged audience of both airport visitors and staff (6000 work on the campus every day).

Complementary rather than competitive activities ensure compatibility of tenants, and a cohesive, comprehensive retail offering featuring:

  • extensive landscaping with areas for meeting, socialising, dining and relaxing
  • a supermarket, bars, cafes and fast food restaurants
  • entertainment, gym, gifts, general retail
  • additional services and amenities as required by the campus workers and 6 million+ visitors to the airport each year

Spitfire Square commands an excellent retail profile through its prominent location at the entry point to the airport off State Highway 1 (SH1), on the corner of Memorial Avenue & Peter Leeming Road.

For leasing opportunities please contact:

Monica Rietveld, Senior Property Manager


Mobile: 021 866 215


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