The Environment

Lake Matheson © P Hlavacek

Lake Matheson © P Hlavacek

Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) undertakes several key environmental initiatives, highlighted below, to ensure that the company maintains its environmental compliance as well as its proactive position of sustainable management. 

In January 2011, CIAL's Executive Management Team endorsed the company's sustainability policy. To view this please see our downloads section on the right hand side of this page.


To minimise the effects of airport noise CIAL is developing a Noise Management Plan.

Water Protection

The airport takes steps to minimise the impact of its activities on groundwater quality and quantity.

Waste Management

CIAL's approach to waste management is based on the principles of the waste hierarchy to reduce, re-use, recycle, recover and manage waste.


CIAL minimises energy consumption through the pursuit of energy efficient practices.


The airport company ensures that it complies with its air discharge resource consents.


Wildlife control measures such as bird control, are required to maintain a safe operating airport.