Airport Fire Service

The airport fire service has 36 firefighters and 6 vehicles including the new Panther.

Within this area you can find out about the Christchurch International Airport Fire Service (AFS) including the AFS fire fighter team today, the range of response vehicles used, the call out log, as well as how to contact the AFS. 

Our History

The AFS was originally part of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), who from 1940-1945 operated the Christchurch airfield formerly known as the RNZAF Station, Harewood.  After the war ended in 1945, administration of the RNZAF Station and the AFS was handed over to the Canterbury Aero Club, Wigram. 

In 1947 the Civil Aviation branch of the Air Department took over the responsibility of crash and fire assistance.  In 1969 the Ministry of Transport then took over the control of the AFS.

In 1986 Airways Corporation took over the AFS until 1 April 1988.  Since 1988 the AFS became a separate entity and is today owned and managed by Christchurch International Airport Limited.

Fire safety today at Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch International Airport is a category 8 airfield which is a classification given by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.  An AFS that is responsible for a category 8 airfield must be trained and equipped to meet certain criteria.  Christchurch Airports' AFS must have 3 vehicles discharging 120 litres a second, carry 18,300 litres of water for foam production and hold 450kg complementary agent.  The AFS must also have available 200% more of reserve foam stocks.  The AFS must also be able to respond to any point on the airfield within 3 minutes from initiation from Air Traffic Control.

If you would like to contact the Airport Fire service, please use the details below.