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TravelPlan is Christchurch International Airport's travel site committed to helping our airport campus staff make sustainable travel choices. Below you will find a number of travel options available to staff on the airport campus.

What is a TravelPlan?

A Travel Plan is an action plan designed to encourage people to consider changing their work travel habits through the promotion of sustainable transport choices and reducing single occupancy car use. 

By increasing access to and the awareness of alternative travel options and seeking opportunities for smarter working practices, developing a TravelPlan can improve travel choice, and reduce reliance on private vehicles.

Why Bother?

  • Taking a bus can actually be faster than driving to work - dedicated bus lanes allow buses to zip past stopped traffic and takes some stress out of your journey
  • No time to work out?  Walk, run or cycle to work.  You'll fit the exercise in as you travel and save time elsewhere in your day
  • You will save $$'s on petrol and parking by leaving your car behind
  • Car-pooling with workmates who live close to you will save money on petrol and let you enjoy being driven to work for a change

 If you would like to know more information, please email:

The Bus Option

The bus services which visit the airport are the 3, 29 and The Comet. There are number of bus stops around the campus. For more information on services Click Here 

We've just recently upgraded our Regional Transport hub. 

The Cycle Option

There are bicycle storage areas under the car park building and a lockable unit by the water tower. There are cycle friendly routes highlighted in yellow on the map link below, and the location of cycle storage facilities around the terminal. You can also map your ride (or run or walk!) on the NZ Mapometer website.  Please refer to the below links:
Map my run or ride
Cycle route map
Cycle storage facilities map

Airport Car Parking

There are short and long-term car park options available and a staff car park on Orchard Road serviced by a staff shuttle running at 7-10 minute intervals during peak times. Daily prices range between $4.50 (if shuttle is not required), and $5.50 (inc. use of shuttle).  Please use the application forms attached.Links to relevant websites:




Map my ride or run:

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